Auto insurance quotes comparison tips

There are some simple tips many car owners forget about following. Still, these tips can make it much easier for you when it comes to comparing auto insurance quotes. So the nest time you’ll be looking for a new policy make sure you keep the following tips in mind.

When should I get auto insurance quotes?

The best time to get auto insurance quotes is 30-45 days before your policy renewal period. This will allow you to compare the quotes without having to make fast decisions and will give you an adequate and timely picture of the insurance industry in your area at the moment. In general, it is recommended to review your policy every two years and check if there are more competitive deals available. When you change your vehicle, place of residence or marital status, the insurance policy should also be reviewed and adjusted to your new needs.

How auto insurance quotes should be compared?

When looking for a new policy always make sure to compare the same amounts of coverage and deductibles across all quotes. There’s no sense in comparing quotes for different coverage amounts since the difference won’t reflect the actual divergence in the premiums you will pay. In order to see how changes in deductibles and coverage amounts will affect your rates, you can change them and get quotes for any combination. However, keep in mind that different companies use different methods of calculating their rates and if one company gives you certain results when playing around with coverage amounts, this doesn’t mean that the other provider will give you the same results. Another thing to pay attention to is that you get exact auto insurance quotes, not estimates. When comparing estimates in most cases the actual rates will be higher than the amount you get in the first place. Insurance quotes, on the other hand, tend to be constant even after buying the policy and rarely change too much.

Where can I get quotes?

The best source for auto insurance quotes is of course going online. There are many sites providing free auto insurance quotes, and you can even compare quotes from your local providers. Of course, you can also contact your insurance agent or address the provider directly. However, this is a bit time consuming and ineffective. It’s much easier to compare quotes after a few clicks of the mouse, right? Besides you’re not limited to just a couple of companies and are free to get any quotes from any provider working in your area.

What should I do when I have already chosen the right quote?

If you’ve found the perfect quote for your car and want to get the respective policy you can typically apply directly from the site you got quotes at. You will be linked directly to the submission page at the corporate site of the insurer you’re interested in buying from. Still, always make sure to read the contents of the policy before applying. You should know what your policy will and will not cover before signing it. So apply only in case you are fully aware of the actual policy contents.


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